The Grand Challengers Podcast Episode #10

Backyard balsamic vinegar, a pizza oven and technological progress in agriculture

Guest: Daniele la Cecilia

May 9th, 2023


“…if we optimize all the processes, that doesn’t mean that we should grow more than what the catchment can supply us…”

In the face of an unpredictable future, we are all called upon each and every day to think of out-of-the box ways to tackle challenges to our environment, wellbeing or the many beneficial uses of an outdoor pizza oven.

My guest today is Dr Daniele la Cecilia, a postdoctoral Marie-Curie fellow at the University of Padova, Italy. Daniele specializes in understanding the fate of plant protection products in the environment and ways to support better awareness around and improvements to how we grow our world’s food.

Today on the show, we explore how Daniele’s global journey has helped him to acquire his interdisciplinary skill set and combine his passion for water and food. Starting from his home town in Modena, Italy and venturing across the UK, US, Australia and Switzerland, we discuss technological progress that will shape agriculture’s future.


Daniele la Cecilia is a MSCA-Postdoctoral Fellow (Maria Skłodowska-Curie Actions) at the University of Padova, Italy. He studied Environmental Engineering at the University of Trento with a focus on planning and design of river regulation and restoration works and hydraulic risk mitigation structures. After graduating in 2014, he worked on Countering WEEE Illegal Trade (CWIT project) at Zanasi & Partners (Modena, Italy) and then on monitoring key environmental parameters in the Alpine environment at Eurac Research (Bolzano, Italy). From 2016 to 2019, Daniele moved to the University of Sydney, Australia to do a PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering funded through the International Student Postgraduate Research Scholarship. There, he worked on herbicides biodegradation-adsorption-transport in agricultural soils.

After his PhD, Daniele joined the Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science & Technology (Eawag) as a postdoctoral researcher in the Environmental Chemistry Department. Daniele analysed innovative continuous high-frequency and low-frequency time series of plant protection products concentrations in surface water with the aim to identify contamination sources and flowpaths from agricultural soils to water bodies. He was awarded an Eawag Academic Transition Grant to develop his own remote sensing project for classifying agricultural land cover including protected agriculture in collaboration with the Department Surface Waters Research & Management. Prior to moving to Padova, he worked on activities within the EU-funded RECONECT project, which aims to implement Nature-Based Solutions for effective mitigation of the hydro-meteorological risk.

Daniele is a passionate researcher and his curiosity for environmental and societal issues allowed him to publish 21 ISI-cited scientific articles since 2016 in addition to participation in international conferences. He specialises in connecting dots and filling knowledge gaps through data analysis and environmental modelling. Over the next few years, Daniele’s research will address catchment-scale hydrological modelling of greenhouses for food production in the context of the EU-funded REWATERING project.

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    • And probabilistic risk assessment: la Cecilia, D., Porta, G.M., Tang, F.H., Riva, M. and Maggi, F., 2020. Probabilistic indicators for soil and groundwater contamination risk assessment. Ecological Indicators115, p.106424. [Link]
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    • And follow up: la Cecilia D, Dax A, Ehmann H, Koster M, Singer H and Stamm C., 2023. Continuous high-frequency pesticide monitoring in a small tile-drained agricultural stream to reveal diel concentration fluctuations in dry periods. Front. Water 4:1062198. [Link]
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