The Grand Challengers Podcast

A show about inspiring individuals who are tackling today’s global challenges in out-of-the-box ways and are here to share stories about their own personal journey towards making our world a better place.

Hosted by Peter Marcus Bach

Episodes & Shownotes

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Episode 001 – Engineers never say never and never say always – a new take on flood models
with João Paulo Leitão – January 3rd, 2023
Episode 002 – Cohabitation and close encounters with myths in urban design
with Scott Lloyd – January 17th, 2023
Episode 003 – A game of planning, a set of maps and a match of nature-based solutions
with Martijn Kuller – January 31st, 2023
Episode 004 – Good vibrations – a sensorial journey into urban soundscapes and acoustic design
with Sofia Boarino – February 14th, 2023
Episode 005 – Like wastewater for chocolate, control, serendipity and digital twins
with Peter A. Vanrolleghem – February 28th, 2023
Episode 006 – Citymaking in times of crises, from yoghurt shops to plans of resistance
with Arya Arabshahi – March 14th, 2023
Episode 007 – There are no silver bullets for the toilet, city or life’s journey – just keep rowing
with Abishek Sankara Narayan – March 28th, 2023
Episode 008 – Don’t forget the social – experiments in urban water and energy transitions
with Megan A. Farrelly – April 11th, 2023
Episode 009 – From first flush and manholes to pendulums of stormwater, engineering and life
with Ana Deletic – April 25th, 2023
Episode 010 – Backyard balsamic vinegar, a pizza oven and technological progress in agriculture
with Daniele la Cecilia – May 9th, 2023
Episode 011 – A limnologist, filmmaker, foodie, water diplomat and passionate teacher walk into a kitchen…
with Anas Ghadouani – May 23rd, 2023
Episode 012 – “Pondering” conversations around banana bread and boats from across the fence
with Liah Coggins – June 6th, 2023 (show notes being updated…)
Episode 013 – Going vertical in a green horizontal world and promoting urban water and nature co-design
with Veljko Prodanovic – June 20th, 2023
Episode 014 – Lights, Camera, GPS and Action around biodiversity enhancement in human-dominated landscapes
with Janine Bolliger – July 4th, 2023
Episode 015 – “Restrictions and constraints breed innovation” – sewers and nature-based solutions in Colombia
with Juan Pablo Rodríguez Sánchez – July 18th, 2023
Episode 016 – A ‘hot’ topic for ‘cooler’ cities – high performance architecture to combat urban overheating
with Mattheos Santamouris – August 1st, 2023
Episode 017 – What to do with a hole in the ground – re-mining for critical minerals, rehabilitation and repurposing
with Mohan Yellishetty – August 29th, 2023
Episode 018 – From tropical forests to the city – reconciliation ecology between human infrastructure and nature conservation
with Fritz Kleinschroth – September 12th, 2023
(Hey listeners… a few circumstances happening at the moment including some travel has delayed Episode 19’s release – rest assured, it’ll be coming out soon! – Thank you for your support and stay tuned!)