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for Blue-Green Cities

I am passionate about creating liveable and sustainable cities of the future! My philosophy is grounded in seeing the interconnections of different disciplines, ways of thinking as well as actively linking research and practice to achieve this - all in a creative and fun way! Welcome to my website...

AM WASSER - Sirnach CH

Invited competition for new master plan and residential development in Hofen, Sirnach. Awarded 1st Prize.


Cohabitation design for an open ideas competition. Awarded 5th Prize.


Ideas competition for developing a phase of Sion's Ronquoz 21 district. Awarded 1st Prize.

CAMPO - Winterthur CH

Invited test planning for adaptive reuse of an industrial site.

Viererfeld-Mittelfeld - Bern CH

Model-based evaluation and demonstration of multi-functional Blue-Green Infrastructure

SEW Service Area - Melbourne AU

R&D Application of UrbanBEATS for long-term drought-proofing of public open space

CHU Nantes Urban Analysis - Nantes FR

Transformation possibilities of a former hospital site for the City of Nantes

WITIKERHOF - Zurich, Switzerland

Invited competition for redevelopment of a church and residential district, Witikon.


Invited competition for the redevelopment of an existing Post building at Basel Station.


Check out The Grand Challengers Podcast

A show about inspiring individuals across engineering, science, technology and design, tackling the grand challenges our world is facing, from climate change to rapid urbanization, declining quality of life and biodiversity loss among others. This is a passion project of mine to bring many incredible stories to life!

Recent News

mining excavation on a mountain

Opportunities for ‘holes’ in the ground

Abandoned mines and quarries present a ‘golden’ opportunity that we are looking into.

And we are live!

Just about ready to get things going! We are going live!

field of trees near body of water

An obligatory ‘Hello World’

Welcome to the site! Here is what’s in store…

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