An obligatory ‘Hello World’

Because every blog, whether old or new deserves to start with a ‘Hello World’, just like a programmer’s first step to creating something exciting in a new language always begins with the ‘Hello World’. Welcome to the site!

Thank you for visiting/stumbling upon this site! I hope that you’ll find some useful gems, tidbits and other things here that will excite you or at least keep you creative and inspired. I’ve been meaning to revamp this site for some time and it’s been a heck of a journey to get this up and running! I hope that through this site, I can provide you some cool insight, info and lessons in all things creativity, research and life in general.

My name is Peter and I am a researcher in all things cities, making our urban metropoles beautiful places to live, thrive and to be inspired by what the world has to offer! So join me on this journey and let’s see where my journey takes me!

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