And we are live!

Hi everyone!

Thank you once again for visiting this site! This is just to let you know that I have just about finished filling in all the content… at least for now! You’ll now be able to find out more about my research and some projects that I am involved in. Also note that I have quite heavily linked this site with my other website, the UrbanBEATS Planning-Support System over at In terms of research, I figured that the general research content that does not necessarily relate to the UrbanBEATS tool should live here, whereas any project that directly involves the UrbanBEATS model will live over there. As time passes, I am pretty sure that both websites will actively talk to each other, but it is definitely a way of keeping things quite distinct as the work and research around UrbanBEATS involves a much larger group than just myself and I want to provide everyone the opportunity to post and present their own work over there.

As I fill the website with more future content you’ll see new menu links pop up over time. I have a few interesting posts lined up and hope that you’ll enjoy visiting. Looking forward to seeing where we head to here!

(Fun fact: the name of the train station on the sign that I am standing next to in the picture is not its real name, few will recognise the reference! Memories from my Japan trip in 2015)

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